Digital disruption is making its mark on all industries

The ‘Digital Mine’ means many things to many people and digital disruption is making its mark on many industries, including mining, in different ways. Over the past 5 years, there has been a steady increase in the disruption of traditional business models within the mining industry, pointing to enterprise-wide technology solutions as charging the way forward. Taking a leaf from other industries including manufacturing and automotive, many mining companies have conducted a review of not only their business models but their entire supply chain.

The success of digital transformation in mining can only happen if  miners (big and small), vendors, and suppliers partner to achieve a common goal – to realise a better, standard-driven way of delivering shareholder value and productivity gains. Partnering in mining is the way of the future – the way of the now.

The mining industry needs to shift from not only just consuming technology but to rethink how to use it better. Enterprise software solutions, an operational platform built on standards, Big Data, and IoT are enabling progressive mining companies to understand that a silo approach in mine operations will not deliver their next level change. If we review data sets in their silos, it is almost impossible to understand the big picture and the implications to the overall business. It is only when enterprise-wide solutions and an operational platform built on standards are adopted that a single, accurate view of the business can be achieved. This, in turn, provides a foundation where sound business decisions can be made based on accurate data and information. Something that has been challenging in all industries, not just mining.

RPM has partnered with industry leaders to redefine operations in mining. We believe in forming strong ties with industry leaders and are privileged to be in the position to help shape the digital mine.

How could partnering, innovation and technology support your mining organisation to achieve the next step up in productivity needed?

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